Affluent Individuals & Families

You lead a successful, multifaceted life, and you require an advanced level of financial guidance. We are here to grow and protect your wealth through each stage of life.

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You know that wealth brings you responsibilities -- among them estate planning, charitable giving, preparing for retirement, countering the erosive effects of taxes and inflation, and funding the education of children and grandchildren.

At AMG Wealth Advisors, we are well versed and highly skilled in addressing the complexities of wealth. Our goal is to serve as your financial advisory team for life, handling all matters related to managing your wealth and building your legacy - so you are free to focus on endeavors and interests that are important to you.

Wealth Management Solutions

  • Significant wealth events such as the sale of a business, retirement, or inheritance
  • Complex legacy planning and charitable giving design
  • Large concentrations in a single security
  • Portfolios with sophisticated investment strategies
  • Large cash portfolios
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Exit strategies for business owners
  • Use of trusts for estate planning

We are ready for a conversation about growing and protecting your wealth. For many of our clients, that conversation also includes charting a strategy for charitable giving. Please contact us now to begin our work together, then read more about our approach to individual and family philanthropy.

Individual and Family Philanthropy

You have achieved the status of being able to contribute to causes at a significant level. Your giving may already make you an audience for dozens if not hundreds of deserving organizations. Together we can develop a giving strategy to assure your joy as a philanthropist. We will begin with a conversation about your unique purpose, which includes both considerations of the heart and the pocketbook. Imagine the power of creating a plan that increases your impact for doing good while preserving the value of your hard-earned wealth.

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

- Winston Churchill

Your philanthropy plan will direct your giving to the causes most meaningful and personal to you and provide a template for discerning requests from organizations seeking your support. We will help restore order and purpose to your charitable efforts and provide a path for creating a legacy that will encourage others to give.