Why AMG?

Asset Growth And Protection | A Lifetime And Beyond

Our mission is to help you understand your financial path forward, manage risk, maximize returns for a lifetime, and secure your legacy. That level of personal care means more than putting data into a market-driven investment program.

Our services to you in the years ahead may bring us into your home, your boardroom or by your side during a time of personal or family need. So ask yourself, who do I want advising me in these crucial moments?


Developing our relationship

You deserve a wealth advisor who is consummately skilled, highly credentialed, and trustworthy. When you work with our team, we take time to:

  • Sort through the complexity of assets;
  • Work with attention to your personal and family welfare;
  • Collaborate as a team to integrate your investment portfolios, estate plans, and tax planning;
  • Integrate efforts with tax and legal professionals to ensure absolute confidence;
  • Help you define the purpose of and enjoy your wealth.

Most of our clients come to us as referrals, and we also are pleased to meet those who discover us in other ways. We consider it the utmost compliment when a client tells a close friend or colleague, “Go talk to these women. They develop lasting relationships with their clients. They are all different; they express their opinions; and they will take care of you.”

Our clients come to AMG Wealth Advisors for:

Comprehensive Planning from a Close-Knit Team

Our partners shine in their disciplines, bringing specific expertise that contributes to a customized financial plan and wealth management strategy, complementary investment and asset management strategies, and steady, long-term protection of your assets over time and through changing conditions.

Healthy and Productive Ways to Manage Wealth Transitions

We will have meaningful conversations with you, often with your loved ones at your side, about life transitions such as retirement, sale of a family business, or distributing an estate. Our purpose is to help maintain family harmony and promote reasoned financial decisions for everyone’s benefit.

Advisors Certified at the Highest Levels of Their Profession

We are certified in the practices, legal aspects, and ethics of financial planning and investment management. Many may claim to be financial advisors; our designations represent the highest standards of education, examination, experience, and ethics.

Personal Understanding of Women’s Wealth Issues

Many clients choose AMG Wealth Advisors because of our partners’ ability to understand the financial concerns of women; these clients also include spouses who take comfort in knowing that we are there if something happens to them. Our goal is to create personal connections in our professional relationships, and women especially appreciate our approach.

Guidance After Acquiring a Lump Sum of Money

We help clients who have suddenly acquired money through inheritance, divorce, sale of a company, or other reasons, turn an unexpected windfall into a lifetime of financial security.

Nimble Assistance for Entrepreneurs

We understand the challenges of focusing on your personal financial well-being while pursuing your business goals. We serve as your wealth manager so you can deal with the urgencies of today having complete confidence in your financial future, including business succession planning.